• Free gems: You can earn 50 free gems to start with! Enter the code: 6KZYDG56 into the settings/options

Gems - an in-game currency, along with gold and tokens. Gems can be spent to:

• revive the character

• refill Energy

• add additional space to the inventory

• offer in the Stable Portal in exchange for items of higher quality



Shop You can buy piles of gems in the Shop through you Google Play store account.
  • 10 Gemsa
  • 25 Gemsa
  • 80 Gemsa
  • 120 Gemsa
Daily rewards When you claim daily rewards, on certaimn days you are able to claim gems as well.
  • Day 7: 10 Gemsa
  • Day 14: 10 Gemsa
  • Day 21: 10 Gemsa
  • Day 28: 15 Gemsa
Tasks After completing all kinds of tasks (daily, disciplines and achievements) you receive gems. 3 - 5 Gemsa / each completed task
New levels Each time you pass a level at a new difficulty level. 2 Gemsa / each new level