Challenge appeared first in the version 0.56. The Challenge Points reset and rewards change every 4 days.

Defend the palace and gain Challenge Points.

After reaching the next Tier you will get a REWARD!


  • Enter the arena
  • Survive the first wave
  • Survive the second wave
  • Survive the third wave (only at Hard and Heroic difficulties)
  • Survive the fourth wave (only at Heroic difficulty)
  • Leave the battlefield

Difficulty level: Normal Hard Heroic
Number of Tiers 20 20 20
Necessary Energy Stamina35 5 Stamina35 15 Stamina35 40
Challenge Points 150 550 1800
Gold gained Gold 427 Gold 1852 Gold 9974
XP gained Xp35 237 Xp35 712 Xp35 1709
Number of waves 2 3 4

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