In order to download the game, go to the Google Play store and type in Bladebound [[1]]. Afterwards, click Install. Open the application - it will ask for your permission to access pictures, multimedia and files on your device - granting it such permissions is crucial to continue to the game itself. If so far you did not have a player ID, the game will ask you to create it in the next step.

Afterwards you will see a sign Tap to continue. After you tap, the intro showing you the story basis for Bladebound will be displayed. The game will introduce you to the first tutorial - it will teach you how to control the game and use gestures.

In the next step you will name you character and personalize your Guardian's look.

Throughout the first levels of the game components such as fusion, evolution, or the Arena will be presented to you. Going through each tutorial is necessary to continue.

If you have questions regarding the gameplay, we invite you to our forum -

Good luck, Warriors!