Bladebound - the game title; a Knight Order.

The Bladebound Order was founded at the dawn of history of Eketh. It was started by one of the most mysterious gods of the Ancient Era, known as The Ancient. The so-called "Ancient's Heretics" think it is the who planted the World Tree and is the proper guardian of all people. From the beginning, the Order's main task was to protect the Sentinel. The Order originally consisted of a dozen warriors personally selected by the Sentinel, to whom she gave exceptional powers, allowing them to use the Tree's energy.

After a thousand years, when the old gods completely disappeared from the world, the Order counted several hundred members and continued to grow. Unfortunately, as a result of the constant growth, some warriors in the Order did not treat the task with appropriate seriousness, which eventually led to a Guragha rebellion and divided the Order. The rebellion was suppressed by Sentinel's supporters, but it withdrew her from direct contact with the Guardians and hid in the First Temple, close to the World Tree. Among time, she had shown herself to guardians less and less often.

During the Melboch's betrayal the Order was a big military power, but never quite as large as before the rebellion. It consisted of warriors who had to undergo appropriate tests in order to serve the Sentinel. The strongest of them were endowed with extraordinary powers.